My name is Eric and I am 36 years old. I first came to live in China way back in 2012. I lived and worked in Shanghai, originally I worked as an immigration consultant for a company that specialized in investment immigration opportunities. Although I was based in Shanghai, this job allowed me the opportunity to travel a lot around China while meeting with potential investors, this sparked my interest for traveling within China. After a few years I quit this job and traveled extensively around China, including my first trips to Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang and Yunnan.

我叫Eric,36 岁。我早在 2012 年就来到了中国。当时我在上海生活、工作,我为一家专门从事投资移民的公司担任移民顾问。虽然我身处上海,但这份工作让我有机会在会见潜在投资者时游览中国各地,这激发了我周游中国的兴趣。几年后,我便辞去了工作,开始了我青海、甘肃、新疆和云南的首次旅行。


After traveling for a few months, I took a new job in Shanghai. This time I worked as the Director of the International Department for a large group that controls many brands in the wedding industry. I was in charge of our business development outside mainland China, as well as in charge of all of our foreign staff within mainland China. This job allowed me a lot of growth as a professional. I learned so much about business in China, it was an incredible opportunity in a fast growing company. However it was very intense work and I didn't just work 996, it was more like 24/7 all day every day. I did this for a few years but I ultimately needed a break,  so once again I quit my job and traveled extensively around China and internationally. Ultimately, I moved to Yunnan and planned to start a business.



After I quit my Immigration Consulting job I traveled around much of China. The place that left the deepest impression on me was Yunnan, and after that time I always dreamed of moving to Yunnan and opening a small business and living a relaxed, slow-paced, style of life. However, the first time I traveled to Yunnan I was still quite young, and I also didn't have enough money yet to comfortably start a business and live a semi-retired lifestyle. A few years later, after leaving the wedding industry job, I was financially in a better position to do whatever I wanted, so I did just that, and moved to Xishuangbanna with the plans of opening a small western restaurant catering to both tourists and locals alike.



It started off strong and business was good, unfortunately I opened the restaurant on December 20, 2019. We all know what happened next, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit China and the world. My brand-new business took a major hit. I was closed down entirely for a few months, and even after reopening, it took many more months to even get my revenue back to where I was when I first opened. Although initially I was eager to finally own my own business and be my own boss, the problems of dealing with a new business, in a foreign country, during a pandemic, all on my own…I realized that it wasn't truly what I wanted from my life. Additionally, my landlord refused to negotiate reduced rent due to the business lost during the pandemic.

我的餐馆开业大吉,但不幸的是,我是在2019 年 12 月 20号开的这家餐厅。后面的事情大家也都知道,新冠席卷而来,我刚刚开张的餐厅受到了疫情的爆头痛击。好几个月里餐厅只能暂停营业。重新开张后,业绩也仅仅是在好几个月后才勉强达到刚开业时的水准。遥想当初,我意气风发,想要建立自己的“商业帝国”,做个老板。但我毕竟只是个在疫情期间身处他乡,无依无靠的人。我只能独自扛起生活和事业的重担......这时,我也意识到这和我想要的生活相距甚远。由于疫情所带来的影响,我的房东也拒绝减租。这对我而言无疑是雪上加霜。

I realized I didn't need the headaches and the stress of the business in general, but also the continued possibility of future coronavirus outbreaks affecting the business. During the extensive downtime due to the pandemic, I started thinking more deeply about what was important to me in life.  I determined that spending time with my family and friends was more important than trying to keep the business afloat during these uncertain times. I decided that the most important thing in my life currently is the flexibility and freedom to do what I want.  When the pandemic eventually ends, not just in China, but globally, then I will reassess what I want to do with my life and where I want to do it.


After closing my business, I decided to move to Shenzhen while I wait for the pandemic to end. I chose to move to Shenzhen because I feel like it is a dynamic global city with many exciting opportunities for people like me who are open to anything. Like many men my age, I really like new technology. I love cameras and drones and videogames and all of those fun high-tech things. I had read about NIO online and I was considering investing in the company, so I got curious and decided to visit a NIO Space near my apartment in Shenzhen just to take a look. The staff at the Sea World NIO Space were very friendly and explained to me all about the benefits and features of NIO and BaaS. I was surprised that I was able to take a test drive right then and there without a previous appointment. I took a test drive and filmed it to put up on YouTube. I was quite impressed with the ES8 that I drove, however I felt like it was too big for my tastes. I wasn't planning on buying a NIO at that point. But I did decide to begin investing in NIO stock after the test drive.

生意关门后,我决定搬到深圳,等待疫情结束。深圳是一座充满活力的全球城市,像我这样对事物保持开放态度的人来说,这有很多令人兴奋的机会。就如同我的同龄人,我很喜欢新鲜科技。相机、无人机、电子游戏,和所有那些有趣的高科技产品都是我的心头好。我在网上读过关于蔚来的文章。由于我当时在考虑投资,所以在好奇心的驱使下,我决定去公寓附近的蔚来空间看看。南山海上世界蔚来空间的工作人员很友好,向我解释了蔚来和 BaaS的特点和优点。我很惊讶试驾居然不用提前预约。所以我妥妥地试驾了ES8,还拍了个视频并上传到YouTube。我对ES8 印象深刻,但它太大了,不太符合我的口味。虽然当时没打算买蔚来,但我决定在试驾后投资蔚来股票。

David, a NIO User also in Shenzhen saw my video on YouTube and offered to let me come check out his car and interview him about his experience with the brand. This was my first insight into the loyalty of NIO Users to the NIO brand. Before meeting David, I thought that the car was very nice, but I didn't know much about how NIO inspires brand loyalty and a sense of pride of ownership. More NIO Users saw my videos and I ended up meeting and interviewing 3 more NIO Users in Shenzhen who all were excited to be part of the NIO community and proud that China has a high-end car brand to call its own.


This inspired me to start thinking about buying a NIO for myself. Since I had closed my business, I didn't have a lot to do every day. I had been considering buying an old van (面包车), tricking it out to be a camper, and driving it around China while I continued to wait for the end of the global pandemic. In the meantime, I decided to go and test drive the EC6 and visit the Shenzhen NIO House. The NIO House in Shenzhen was beautiful, and it impressed me, however the EC6 was even more impressive. I appreciate the more youthful, sleeker design compared to the ES8 and ES6, the smaller feel, and mind-blowing acceleration. The high-tech options and safety features also appealed to me when compared to potentially driving an old van over long distances across China. After that test drive I decided I would buy an EC6 and drive around China in China's premiere electric car.

用户的热情感染了我,让我也想买一台蔚来。自生意关门后,我每天都比较清闲。我也一直都想买一辆旧面包车,并把它改成露营车。这样我就在可以在等疫情结束的同时开车环游中国。所以我便决定去试驾 EC6,顺便看一下深圳的牛屋。牛屋很漂亮,给我留下了深刻印象,但 EC6 令人印象更加深刻。相比于ES8和ES6,我欣赏EC6更年轻、圆润的设计。在相对小巧的身材下却有着无与伦比的加速。相比于开着旧面包车环游中国,科技感满满又很安全的蔚来深深吸引着我。试驾后,我便决定买一辆 EC6。这样我就可以开着顶级的国产电车环游中国了。

After picking up my NIO in Shenzhen, I drove around China in a massive loop. From Guangdong up the East Coast to Beijing and Shandong, then across remote Inner Mongolia to the deserts of Gansu and high plains of Qinghai, then down through the beautiful mountains of Sichuan and eventually back to Shenzhen. I filmed a lot of the journey and I'm still sorting through all of that footage, editing it, and uploading to YouTube so that foreigners can see the incredible epic landscapes of China as well as the awesome service of NIO, including battery swapping and the mobile charging van. I utilized the mobile charging van three times during my journey around China, and all of the NIO staff were so helpful in ensuring that I would never be stuck without power. I am glad that I chose to buy a NIO because only with NIO can I drive an electric car anywhere in China and still have peace of mind that I will not end up stranded without power.



Now I am back in Shenzhen and still waiting for the end of the pandemic. I'll probably make another road trip soon, this time to Guangxi and Yunnan so if anyone is interested in a road trip together, let me know! I would also like to go home to the USA and visit my family. My mom even wants to buy an electric car now after seeing my NIO EC6 on YouTube. She is disappointed that she can't buy NIO in the USA yet, so hopefully NIO will expand to even more countries as soon as possible. It would be great to see her as one of the first ET7 owners in America wouldn't it? I'm also hoping to visit Norway as soon as the world allows it, as a matter of fact my good friend lives there now. He was meant to get married last year. His wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic unfortunately, and of course I couldn't visit him last year either. I'm wishing I can make a trip of it this year, to see him, his new bride and baby to be (she's pregnant!), as well as the first NIO House outside of China.

现在我回到了深圳,等待疫情结束。我可能很快就会再度启程,这次要去广西和云南,所以如果有人对公路旅行感兴趣,就告诉我吧!我还想回美国看看我的家人。我妈妈在 YouTube 上看到我的蔚来EC6视频后,现在也想买辆电动车。因为在美国,我妈妈难掩买不到蔚来的失望之情。所以希望蔚来尽快扩展到更多国家。如果我妈妈能成为美国的第一批ET7车主,那难道不是很棒嘛?我也希望在条件允许的情况下早些去趟挪威,因为我的好朋友现在住那。他原本去年就要结婚了,但很不幸,婚礼因疫情而取消,所以我的行程也自然取消了。希望今年我能看看他,他的新娘和他即将出生的孩子(她怀孕了!),还有中国境外的第一家牛屋。

Like I mentioned, I came to Shenzhen because of the opportunities that this exciting city offers. Here I have taken advantage of what the city offers but also I have created opportunity for myself; however, so many of the opportunities that I have discovered are also due to NIO and the incredible community that NIO has developed. Thanks to NIO staff for warmly welcoming me, and NIO Users like David and the others I met before I was a User, now I am a member of the community and I look forward to meeting more NIO Users and being even more active in the community and seeing what other opportunities we can create together, both locally and globally.